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Eyes dream interpretation

Eyes :

It expresses internal anxiety, taking care of yourself.

  • blue: great love
  • brown: dishonest people are in your environment
  • gray: do not let flatterers to deceive you
  • black: caution (be careful)
  • tired: do not make any silly things
  • sick, squinting: lack of money
  • festering: think about your health
  • blind: a cheerful message
  • beautiful: satisfaction with life
  • flaming: love
  • apply make-up to eyelids: you cannot create a permanent relationship, you are afraid to open yourself
  • be hurt in the eye: the deterioration of living conditions
  • loss of sight: suffering in love
  • see the person with one eye: be careful in business
  • look at someone‚Äôs eyes: you will start unusual acquaintance
  • if a woman is blindfolded in a dream: troubles; your conduct will expose others to disappointment
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