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Storm Dream Dictionary


Storm dream interpretation

Storm :

Violent anger, some drama, survival, shock.

if you are caught in a storm in the middle of nowhere: it is a sign of negative events of a political, social or similar nature

thunderstorm: a serious argument

hailstorm: family or financial problems; for couples it bodes a final parting

with a darkened sky: unrest in the country

hide under the oak: the harbinger of danger against which you should run away

wait for the end of a storm in a safe place: you will avoid danger

be surprised by a storm: the threat of misfortune

storm_burzasurvive a severe storm: good interests

look at the strong storm from a safe place: the threat of existence, a romantic relationship or an obstacle in another important case

hear its thunderclap: bad news

see a coming storm: illness

a passing storm: you will quickly overcome obstacles

be in the middle of it and fight for survival: it bodes difficulties and losses.

a storm in the forest, where is a tree torn by the hit of the lightning: a blow in a dreamer or someone from his family

a storm at sea: disturbing of the balance in emotions, but without the sudden explosion of feelings and without the chance for later recovery; it is a symbol of the dispute, anger, love quarrels

if the weather clear up or there is a rainbow in the sky: the conflict will be appeased at the end of a storm, or due to any other form of liberation, such as split-up.


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