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Blood dream interpretation

Blood :

Blood_krewBlood hides a lot of different meanings, also sexual ones. Blood is generally associated with food, physical strength and body awareness, which allow you to lead an active life.   Moreover, they can thus express relationships, fears and inhibitions. This sign has many possible interpretations, which can be inferred only from the circumstances of the dream and the real life situation.

see someone else’s blood: worrying about someone

see a bleeding wound: reorder your life

be stained with blood: it reveals a sense of guilt and shame, we do not accept ourselves and feel “dirty”

have bloody hands: be careful not to hurt anyone

see: you fear about someone close to you

red blood: joy

black blood: a severe disease

clotted blood: you may suffer a serious illness, be sure to go for tests

to give blood: abundance and profits in business

to bleed: a good sign

to spit blood: a bad sign, disease

blood leaking from the nose: the threat

to drink blood: material success

animal’s blood:prosperity in business

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