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Blonde :

In the dream, the figure of the woman presents several symbolisms that encompass positive and negative aspects. In the case of dreaming about a blonde woman, usually, the dreamer receives signs of changes that are about to happen. However, depending on the variation of the dream, the interpretation involves warnings about people around.

Blonde – dream meaning

blonde dream dictionary

But does not stop there. The blonde woman in the dream brings several representations. Hence, you must remember all the details of the dream, as each feature of this figure, as well as the interaction you have with it, completely changes the meaning.

Today, you will get to know the different interpretations of dreaming about a blonde woman, and you will also receive several guidelines on how to proceed in the face of revelations. Keep reading and find out all about it.

Knowing what your dream means allows you to better prepare for what is to come. See, below, what it means to dream about an ugly, beautiful, pregnant and old blonde woman and know what you should do.

Dream about ugly blonde woman

To dream of an ugly blonde woman points to problems at work. You will go through moments of crisis in your job, where you will face a lot of turmoil. However, the dream still reveals that if you are patient and remain calm, you will be able to get through this period faster.

So, no matter how difficult the situation is, try to maintain emotional balance. Run away from conflicts and arguments, much less get involved in confusion. In addition, only give your opinion when requested and never side with someone without first being aware of all the facts that have occurred. In this way, you will overcome the crisis phase with your head held high and emotions controlled.

Dream of beautiful blonde woman

Having ambition in life is essential to achieve goals, but you have to be careful not to get in the way of relationships. To dream of a beautiful blonde woman means that your ambitions and urges to achieve your goals are interfering with your interpersonal relationships.

Have a little more balance and understand that, regardless of your projects, people are more important than things. As much as you want to have a successful job or fulfill that big dream, take more care of those who are by your side. Even because, when you’re at your worst, it’s friends, family and companions who will help you.

Dream of beautiful blonde woman

Dream about pregnant blonde woman

Usually, pregnancy in the dream symbolizes good news. Likewise, dreaming of a pregnant blonde represents the arrival of a special person who will make you extremely happy. It’s not clear who the person will be, so it could be a great love or a trusted friend.

Either way, this is a great omen. As it is not every day that someone special comes into your life, try to value this relationship, providing due dedication and love. However, don’t give yourself to anyone who comes along. As the dream did not reveal how and when this person will appear, take it easy. In time, you will know who it will be.

Dream about old blonde woman

Emotions are so powerful that, if not controlled, they can dominate the human being. Dreaming of an old blonde woman brings just a warning in this regard, that is, you need to balance your temper and be careful not to allow your emotions to control your actions.

You need to strengthen your emotional, because if you don’t, the lack of control can steal the best in you. Many situations in everyday life can cause this emotional imbalance, such as task overload, worries about others, internal conflicts, among others. Try to identify the reasons for this instability and, if you need it, ask for help.

Dream about a blonde woman wearing different colors
During the journey, on this earth, it is necessary to pay attention both to interpersonal relationships, as well as to the inner side. Learn more about it by knowing below the meanings of dreaming of a blonde woman in white and red.

Dream about a blonde woman in white

Bad influences can be disastrous for anyone’s life. Dreaming of a blonde woman in white is a warning for you to be more careful with your relationships. Be aware of new companies, with whom you make connections or partnerships, especially in the work environment. This is a watchful moment.

Understand that people are complex and not all of them have an admirable character. Those who wish to harm you will never express their real intentions. On the contrary, they will approach you and pretend to be friends precisely to discover your weaknesses and attack. So keep your eyes wide open on everything and everyone.

Dream about a blonde woman in red

Inner development is key to having good interpersonal relationships. To dream of a blonde woman in red means that you have evolved as a person. Your self-knowledge is well developed and you have been able to work on your weaknesses, admit mistakes and appreciate your qualities.

This is a confirmation dream to make it clear that you are on the right path. Continue this process and you will get even better results. However, be very careful not to crave perfectionism. Yes, work on your weaknesses, but always keep in mind that human beings are not perfect. Accept yourself as you are, with your imperfections.

Considering the message of dreams is essential to better manage day-to-day actions. Discover, below, the interpretation of dreaming about a blonde woman when you are talking to her or kissing a blonde.

Dream of talking to a blonde woman

Certain interpretations of dreaming about a blonde woman bring important warnings, so it is essential to pay attention to their meanings. Dreaming that you talk to a blonde woman alerts you to be a little more realistic. About some situation you have created false expectations, feeding a hope very far from reality.

When the desire for something is great, it is natural for human beings to have high expectations. But understand that having this behavior can be extremely harmful for you, because if things don’t go as you imagined, a strong feeling of frustration can take over your heart. For that reason, be more realistic.

To dream that you are kissing a blonde woman

Of course, a little extra money wouldn’t hurt anyone. To dream that you are kissing a blonde woman means that you will receive extra money in your account. Unexpectedly, you will receive a good amount of money. It is not known how, but your account will be a little fuller.

From now on, you must be aware of everything that happens. It may be that someone asks you for a favor and pays you as a form of gratitude. Perhaps, you can receive a bonus on your work for good performance. Or, simply, someone wants to help you with a special value. Either way, be grateful and smart when you receive it.

dreaming about a blonde woman

Other meanings for dreaming about a blonde woman

Some meanings of dreaming about a blonde woman point to the need for changes that you need to make in your behavior. Learn more about this in the interpretations below about dreaming of dead blonde women, crying, smiling, acquaintances and more.

Dream about dead blonde woman

In life, you have to focus. For this reason, dreaming of a dead blonde woman is indicative that you need to be more assertive and decisive in your choices. It is precisely because of your lack of assertiveness that you are feeling dissatisfied in some areas of your life.

The first thing you need to do is analyze your goals. See what you really want, what you feel happy with, how you want to be in a few years. Then move on to evaluating the options that arise and analyze whether they meet your life goals. Thus, you will make smarter and more coherent choices with your projects.

Dream about a blonde woman crying

To dream of a blonde woman crying is indicative that you have been wasting your time with pursuits that are not worth it. People have tried you evil, but no matter what they do, you will never be defeated. For this reason, this dream reveals that you do not have to worry about these pursuits, as they are all meaningless.

So try to focus your attention on things that are important to you. Dedicate yourself to your projects, plans, dreams, goals and objectives. Forget those who wish you harm. Occupy your time with planning your next steps and grow even more.

Dream about a blonde woman smiling

In some situations, it is necessary to have a more active and objective posture. To dream of a blonde woman smiling indicates that you need to exercise greater control over some area of ​​your life and be more objective in your actions. You have been passive in the face of circumstances, which is harmful to yourself.

Don’t be afraid to be bolder and take control of things. If the situation involves your life, obviously you have every right to take a stand and express your thoughts and opinions. Look for strategic ways to be more active and exercise your rightful dominance.

Dream about a rival blonde woman

To solve some problems, it is necessary to analyze all the details. To dream of a rival blonde woman means that you need to get to the essence of a situation in order to resolve it. That is, it is necessary to verify how this issue arose and what, exactly, is generating the difficulty in solving.

Doing this kind of analysis will require some time for reflection. So take a moment to think about everything that is involved. Perhaps, the issue is very simple to solve and just one detail is enough. It could also be that you are going down the wrong solution path. In view of this, study this situation better.

Dream about a well-known blonde woman

Loneliness is one of the worst feelings that exist, even because man was born to live in society. To dream of a well-known blonde woman reveals that you have been feeling lonely, even if you are surrounded by friends and family. His feeling is of being isolated from the world in the midst of everyone’s presence.

This kind of feeling can arise for a number of reasons. It is important to identify why you are feeling this way, as loneliness can gradually lead to severe depression. If you can’t figure out for yourself what’s causing this feeling of isolation, seek help from a psychologist.

Dream about unknown blonde woman

To dream of an unknown blonde woman is indicative that you have been pinning your hopes on something that you so much desire. You believe you will get what you want and no one can take that hope away from you. It is a belief, a faith so strong that no matter how much time passes, your wish will come true.

It’s great to have hope in life, but be careful not to create unrealistic expectations. Work your emotions so that your hope is healthy and balanced. Thus, your mind is protected against negative feelings such as frustration, disappointment and even depression. Keep being that hopeful person, but keep your feet on the ground.

Dream of seeing a woman dyeing her hair blonde

Unfortunately, dreaming that you see a woman dyeing her hair blonde is not a good sign. According to the interpretation of this dream, you should open your eyes to the people around you, because you have fake people on your side. They are masked people, devoid of any attitude of loyalty and honesty.

Faced with this revelation, start to observe more the behavior and words of those who say they are your friend. Fake people can’t keep their looks for long. In the details, they denounce themselves and soon you can see their real intentions. Stay tuned and as soon as you identify who the fakes are, walk away immediately.

To dream that you are a blonde woman

Sometimes it is necessary to go through certain changes. To dream that you are a blonde woman indicates that you will face important changes in your life. It is not known in which area specifically, but good transformations will occur, bringing more maturity and good teachings.

Have openness and willingness to live everything that life is preparing. If you’re a person who doesn’t like change, the process is sure to annoy you a little. But be patient with yourself and try to be flexible in the face of situations. In the end, you will realize that you really needed to go through all this in order to grow and evolve.

dream about blonde friend

Some variations of dreaming about a blonde woman point to bad attitudes. To dream of a blonde friend indicates that you are having a derogatory behavior towards other people. That is, somehow you are disqualifying others, making them doubt your worth.

The dream does not reveal why you have been behaving this way, but know that reducing the value of people is not an honorable attitude. Whether for fun or revenge, don’t belittle anyone. Keep in mind that, just like you, everyone has feelings and is hurt by certain words. So be a little more sensitive to other people’s emotions.

dream about ex blonde

To dream of a blonde ex reveals that you are a person who likes to enjoy the best of life and is not afraid of showing off good things. For you, life has to be lived intensely, without worrying about what people think or say.

It is very good to live detached from the opinions of others. However, you must be careful not to act lightly. That is, breaking laws and social rules in favor of their desires and wishes. Remember that you live in society, constantly connected with other people. So keep in mind that the world does not revolve around you.

Does dreaming of a blonde woman mean good changes?

In general, dreaming about a blonde woman points to changes that are coming and changes that you need to make in your behavior. But depending on the variation of the dream, you may also receive omens about the arrival of special people, as well as important warnings and alerts about your current life.

Regardless of the interpretation of your dream, you can rest assured, as there are tips in all revelations to help you with how to proceed with the meaning. After all, it’s not enough to find out what your dream means, you need to know what to do too. So, enjoy everything you learned today and live intensely every second of your life.

blonde in dream

  • for a woman: you will betray someone
  • for a man: unpleasant disappointment
  • if you love the blonde (for men): a betrayal in love

Blonde – a sorceress, muse, idealized, romantic woman, the heroine of the romance, a luxury woman.  Until recently, the aristocrat was always presented as a blonde. Some of the victims of terror during the French Revolution were wrongly classified as aristocracy for this reason.   Most of the princesses of fairy tales has blond hair, like most of the heroines of sentimental novels.  But the symbol also assumes the moral nobility, that is, perfect control over the requirements of sex (which symbolizes the red-haired woman) and excellent control of the elementary instincts associated with blood and earth (a black-haired woman).

In the negative sense: the vague dreams, impractical ideals, melancholy, anemia   For a woman this symbol may hide sexual ambivalence, true at least in the realm of feelings. As a positive symbol it can also be the projection of other self – the ideal or idealized one.

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