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Baby :

It symbolizes immaturity and lack of self-confidence, however it heralds good development of your personality in the future. Generally, a baby predicts a pleasant and secure future, unless it is emaciated, screaming or the baby falls down.

  •  see: generally a good sign
  • give birth to the baby: new opportunities in life are ahead of you
  • see a baby at birth: for a man, it means a separation from a woman; for the poor, it  announces improvement; for the rich and business people, it is a bad omen; for the travelers, it bodes quick return to their homeland
  • sucking at the breast: happiness for mothers
  • bring the baby for the baptism: the adoption of the Christian faith
  • see playing: joy
  • sleeping: good future
  • see sick or falling or hear yelling: regression in business
  • thin: bad times are coming
  • thick: good years ahead of you
  • dying: unexpected success
  • look after the baby: take care of yourself, especially your health
  • murder a baby: you will incur damage because of your fault
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