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Ear dream interpretation

Ear :

It is an erogenous zone.

  • see: become interested what people say about you, because you can learn something important
  • see someone with big ears: your request will not remain unnoticed
  • have long ears: a lot of rumors about you
  • have big ears: a lot of fun
  • nice ears: your friends will always help you when you are in trouble
  • have clogged ears or be deaf: someone abuses your trust
  • sore: your business will end in failure
  • hurt your ears: beware of false friendship
  • lose the ear: quarrels with loved ones
  • have dirty ears: there are things that you cannot hide, you have to change them
  • clean them: your distrust in a case is justified
  • be pulled by the ears: you have to keep a promise
  • yank at someone’s ear: a mistake of the beloved man will bring you troubles
  • speak to the deaf: failure to comply the wishes or request
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