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Eagle Dream Dictionary


Eagle dream interpretation

Eagle :

It expresses very bold, crazy thoughts and actions which may be successful, but also conceal the danger.

  • see alive: it means profits and material benefits.
  • see flying: you are an idealist
  • fly with eagle: you are stubborn, you want to gain wealth at any costs
  • sitting or standing: the death of great masters
  • located on the top of a tree: misery and death
  • see it on the rock: you need some help to implement your plans
  • see trapped: you regret unrealized plans, but do not worry, you still will have the opportunity to do so
  • see an eagle very high: you can expect great happiness
  • black: imminent death of a good friend
  • white: the chance of a large inheritance
  • young: an acquaintance with influential people
  • shoot or catch: losses and worries
  • eat its meat: you’re honest so that you will succeed
  • have: fame
  • in trade: the benefits
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