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Bread dream interpretation

Bread :

Bread_chlebThe bread is a symbol of joy and happiness; also the motivation to act.

depending on the circumstances: a dream caused by the strong need (hunger), expressing the wish, or sexual dream

see, buy and eat: loyal friends, as well as a long life in good health

white bread: cash inflow

big bread: loss of property

bake: happiness

undercooked bread: you will lose your savings

burnt bread: illness, death

look at someone eating bread, while you feel hunger: the success that you dreamed about will be reached, but by your friend, not by you

old, hard: soon you will have to overcome serious difficulties

fresh, soft: foreign guests

eat stale bread: anxiety, difficulties

eat sad bread: the loss of savings

eat moldy bread: beware of false friends, someone may try to deceive you

eat tasty, fresh: a long life and good health

eatblack: for the poor – profits and improvement of situation; for the rich – losses

a crust of bread: eat it – good luck in business

rye bread: a beautiful house, full of warmth

barley bread: good health and good physical condition

share bread with someone: you are a good and honest man, that is why you will never suffer from poverty


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