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Kiss dream interpretation

Kiss :

A kiss can mean a longing for tender love or general liking for someone.

  • give someone: your request will be rejected
  • kiss a woman: you have very popular with the opposite sex
  • kiss a man: a farewell with someone
  • kiss a mother: a longing for affection
  • an older person: disappointment in love
  • on hand: luck in love and friendship
  • see how others kiss: sadness, depression
  • see how a loved one is kissing someone: a great passion
  • kiss the ground: distress and humiliation
  • kiss someone in the face: the success
  • want to kiss someone despite the prohibition: melancholy
  • a shy kiss: you hide your feelings, do not hesitate too long, because you have rivals
  • receive a kiss: you will be hold in regard and appreciated
  • a passionate kiss: you fire desire and passion
  • exchange many kisses: good prospects for the future

A dream about kissing is more and more related to nutrition than sexuality. A kiss can also be a symbol of betrayal.

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