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Cemetery :

cemetery_cmentarzMelancholy, deep sorrow, disgust for life, pricks of conscience. A symbol of cemetery appears in the dreams of people who are aware, that they have nothing to say in life, and their words and they do not bring anything new to the world. Anxiety due to new problems, especially if you suddenly have to make some decision. The cemetery is a symbol, that encourages to distance yourself from what happened in the past and focus on the facts that await you in the future.

see: the loss of the beloved person

see the cemetery at night: you live in the past, rather than to forget the bad things and hopefully look at tomorrow

see the nice, well-kept: surprising news from friends

see neglected: loneliness

see a military cemetery: a harbinger of political problems and a threat of war

bring flowers to the cemetery: a harbinger of the death in the family

clean up graves: you cleaned up and accepted the past; you start a new stage in life

wander in the cemetery: you feel lost, alone; maybe you should offer your hand in reconciliation?

pass through the cemetery: an unhealthy obsession with death, or the need for looking back into your past, in this way or another, in order to take care of your inheritance, which was not arranged well. I may also means an obsessive sense of non-fulfillment of your obligation in relation to someone who has died or left.

see corpses in the cemetery, ghosts or spirits: they are the symbols of the dreamer’s fears, perhaps you care too much of everything, instead of enjoying life


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