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Cabaret Dream Dictionary


Cabaret dream interpretation

Cabaret :

cabaret_kabaretperform and be booed: you are afraid that people around you will make a fun of you

perform and gain the admiration of the audience: you are looking for applause, you care about the opinions of others and you want to finally be appreciated

see cabaret artists: be careful, because it is possible that you will lose money

watch a cabaret on TV: you do not have many entertainments in real life, it’s time to change it!

watch a cabaret “live”: you need variety in everyday life, and slightly more time for relax

create a program of the cabaret: your head is full of ideas, maybe it’s time to start them finally realize?

watch an interesting cabaret: you will find something in your life, what would bring passion

watch a boring cabaret: you’re unhappy with what’s happening around you – time for more madness and fun!

prepare for performance in a cabaret: changes in your life that will require a distance for yourself

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