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Bull Dream Dictionary


Bull dream interpretation

Bull :

It is probably the strongest sign of masculinity.

in a man’s dream: problems with potency

in a woman’ dream: often a symbol of sexual dreams

see, have, buy: it predicts a rich patron or financial benefits

white bull: you will gain high position and happiness in love and friendship

buy: family arguments

kill, sell: because of stupid reasons you may lose a rich sponsor or suffer financial losses

watch a bulls’ fight: do not interfere into conflicts between people stronger than you, and do not try to act as a mediator

fight with it: you have a chance to win in a difficult case

run away from the bull: you will be persecuted by other people

kill: try to protect yourself against danger

A bull predicts dangers. The worse thing is, when the bull chases you in a dream; a poor man may encounter a thread from his supervisor.

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