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Coffee shop Dream Dictionary

Coffee shop

Coffee shop dream interpretation

Coffee shop :

coffee shop_kawiarniasee a café or be there: troubles for friends

be the owner of the café: you will earn money without much effort

sell a coffee shop: you may have financial problems, although nothing indicates that

to work as a waiter in a café: you are force to live with evil people

arrange a meeting in a café: dark clouds are gathering above your relationship or friendship

look for a way to the café: be careful, because you can get into trouble

quarrel in the café: you need to find an outlet for negative emotions – maybe it’s time to start doing sports or find a hobby?

be in a café on a date: be careful what you do and say, especially in relationships with people you care about, because your words may be misconstrued

drink coffee in a café: you will have stomach ache or other abdominal ailments

eat lunch in the café: a possible disease

clean café: start to organize your personal affairs and

participate in a fight in a café: a negative atmosphere in an important matter will finally end

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