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Coffee :

Coffee_kawaCoffee beans in a dream symbolize the same thing as fruit; coffee as a drink is a sign of excitement, fever.

grind coffee beans: cheerfulness in family life

ground coffee: you will not give up

to drink black: excitement

coffee with milk: you will get an invitation

to sweeten coffee: rumors about you

burn the coffee: pleasures

prepare coffee: pleasant guests

pour boiling water over the coffee: a warm family atmosphere

pour the coffee: watch out for your behavior, because the environment can start to criticize you

buy coffee: continuous success in business

sell coffee: the end of a winning streak for business

drink cold coffee with milk: a failure

wash the coffee jug: the satisfaction of hard work

a coffee grinder: family satisfaction

see coffee substitute: disease and material troubles

green coffee: someone really wants to harm you

break a cup of coffee: an argument with someone close

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