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car_autoA dream about cars may symbolizes a vital power, ability to control your life, maturity and responsibility or opposite: immaturity, recklessness, depending on the dream.
you go forward, and if you are a driver: you keep you matters tight
go with company: the situation improved
go with a stranger: you will meet someone outstanding soon, be alert, to not lose this chance
drive a car: seek new opportunities, then you will get closer to your aim
drive a destroyed car: you will lose your strength; you need a rest and get your power back
be a road hog: fears and insatiable needs, you hide something deeply in you, you should open up and show who you are
buy: a beginning of the undertaking, which predicts a good luck
get off the car: a damage on your reputation
see a burning car: a good sign, if you see only a flame; if you see a black smoke – it is a bed sign
a car accident: pointless travel
stealing a car: be aware of strangers, someone wants to cheat you
win a car race: you will defeat your rival
a car crash: you will have a strong rival in one case
a track: watch out what you are saying, you may lose much. Benefits from the meeting
see a coming car: you are going to face someone or even a group of people, for example: some legal person
see a car without a steering wheel: there is no escape from this difficult situation
lose control of a car: a possible car accident or nervous shock
be in a blind alley or on the desert: a cold calculation and an initiative will lead to the absurdity
if a car is new and easy to drive: a prediction of betterment or possibility of change
look for a way in a strange city: you fear to lose your identity. If you dream about a vehicle going without control, you may fear losing the right direction in your life, mainly when you are a passenger of this vehicle or you pass it, you have no influence on the course of events. The colour of a car also has its meaning: red – violence, anxiety or bleeding; blue – emotional conflict.

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