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Alcohol :

alcohol_alkoholIt is considered a „spiritual” drink and it often symbolizes spiritual forces which influence our behaviour and action. In the cultural surrounding it is often associated with social life. Alcohol is often regarded as a mood elevator and it helps to overcome our inhibitions. A dream about alcohol may symbolize, that the dreamer should overcome the barriers and confront himself with other people. Maybe, he or she should think for a while about his/her lonely life. However, this sign may also indicates that we look at some matters too “soberly”. In a dream, alcohol may express our need for inspiration and realization, our unused abilities. This dream often symbolizes unhealthy relations, an addiction to something or someone. Someone manipulates you and has huge influence on you. Sometimes, spirits appearing in our dream warn against an alcohol overdose. This dream may also have different meanings: relax, drunkenness, unconsciousness, senseless effort or extravagance.

drink: dreams of forbidden pleasures that will end soon

drinka lot in company: find more time for your friends

drink in company of a woman: drinking alcohol in woman’s company announces erotic ecstasy

a glass of red wine: hot, ardent love

aglass of white wine: an improvement of  health and financial situation

drink beer: loss of money

drink champagne: a good sign for love, win.

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