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A dream about a plane

A dream about a plane dream interpretation

A dream about a plane :

Regardless of whether you fly often or for the first time, planes appear in people’s dreams very often. We usually dream that we fly by passenger plane or small helicopter, we observe the view through the window and head to the unknown destination. There are also nightmares where flying by plane we are one step to the catastrophe, or we are late for the flight.

How the dreams about planes should be interpreted?

Dreams about planes, usually the catastrophic ones are usually experiences by people who survived from an air crash so they symbolize the experienced trauma.

In other cases, such catastrophic dreams may suggest the commutation of stress and negative feelings in someone’s life connected both with the personal and professional life.

The means of transport coming out in our dreams are regarded as very personal symbols.  They symbolize for example our body, our relationship, relations with loved ones and also our whole life. Airplanes, huge, fast machines that represent the human independence are associated with freedom and mobility of birds. They fly above the ground, they may symbolize the world of ideas and human speech. Dreaming about the air crash, we subconsciously feel fear of failure or problems in realization of our plans. However, if we dream about flying by plane and the trip to unknown, we should think about introducing some changes into our life. It is important to ask the question, what scares us in a dream and where are we flying… Maybe the move to another city is recommended, the change of the place of residence, the way of life, or repairing the relations with friends or family.



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