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A dream about the air, train, car crash Dream Dictionary

A dream about the air, train, car crash

A dream about the air, train, car crash dream interpretation

A dream about the air, train, car crash :

You certainly had a dream in your life where you were a witness of some accident.  There are many versions of that dream – while travelling by plane, car or train the dreamer becomes aware of the threatening danger, for example connected with the fault of the car, or a train which suddenly comes out of the rails or rushes towards you, or you are losing control of the car or boat which is sinking. Events in which you participate are always presented in slow motion, they are accompanied by terror, and you cannot prevent them which may end with your death.  Sometimes, we reconstruct the sequence of events from a catastrophic movie, where you take action trying to save both your own and others life.

When do the dreams about accidents appear?

They are usually typical catastrophic dreams. They appear usually when you fight with stress, both in your personal and professional life and you cannot cope with them.  Our subconscious sends warning signals that should not be ignored.

Public means of transport which appear in our dreams have significant meaning. They may symbolize: our relationship, body, relations with other people. That is why the problems with a car, train or other vehicle predict that we may encounter some trouble in our life, difficult to overcome.  These may symbolize financial problems, relationship crisis, some addiction that we have to fight with. You should observe your own reaction to the catastrophic dream, the role that you have played in the dream – did you manage to save your life, or you waited for death? Thanks to such analysis we can better understand how the stress influence our life and how to prevent it – be aware of our life. It is crucial if the dream repeats – the subconscious signals are intensified.

The interpretation of dreams about accidents according to Freud.

He believed that every dream about the accident or missing some mean of transport expresses our fears of death and they are the Thanatos manifestation. Moreover, ships and other boats represent a womb.

The interpretation of dreams according to Jung.

He believed that every mean of transport appearing in our dreams illustrates the dreamer’s character of mental life. While interpreting a dream according to Jung theory, you should focus on the kind of transport. It is important whether the vehicle is for an individual person or for a group of people. For example, people travelling by plane are being carried by “an unknown pilot’, what means that they follow their intuition in life which comes from our unawareness. People travelling by tram, bus have tendencies to imitate others’ behaviour and they deafen signals of their subconscious.

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