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A dream about angels

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A dream about angels :

Angels are considered for divine messengers and they are believed to be intermediaries between God and man. They are also believed to be messengers of the subconscious, whose purpose is to guide the life of the individual, advising and providing important information. Appearing in a dream, angels usually bring some message. They may take different forms – sometimes they look like dead close persons, sometimes they look like angels that we know from paintings, images. However, sometimes there appear also other religious symbols or characters. Very often the dreams of angels have very strong influence on a person. The impression is so strong that they takes seriously what a divine emissary had to pass. How the dreams about angels should be interpreted? Generally, dreams with angels make a person very moved after awaking. It is irrelevant whether the dreamer considers the Angel as an authentic divine messenger, or only as a powerful positive metaphor. According to the folk interpretation of dreams whose heroes are the angels, such dream is a sign of the coming happiness, love and calm. Angels bring confidence and hope, and they are acting as a medium – they can also cause a change in the psyche of the dreamer. If the dream in which an angel gives you an important message appears frequently, you should think through its content. Powers from the sky or from our soul brought really tough powers to give us something that we should not – under any circumstances – omit or ignore.

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