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Angel :

angel_aniolAn angel brings a message from your subconscious which should be taken into account and used in life. Angel means looking for escape from daily problems. Angel is a protective spirit, pure and full of love. It symbolizes good will and happiness. An angel is between God and people. So it is a very important dream symbol, which we should study in details.
hear the voice of angel: possible illness
see an angel: always a good sign
see a caring angel: care and support; if an angel was talking to you in a dream, try to remind his words it may be an important hint referring to your life, or some warning
see yourself as an angel: you will find love and friendship
be between angels: you will find internal peace
see a sad angel: look closer at your behavior, think if you are satisfied, if not – try to change
glowing angel: surprising, positive family event; inheritance
for those in love: happy marriage, true friends around us
angel with spread wings: order your affairs of the heart
see flying angel: unreal dreams or desires to escape your reality
go somewhere with an angel: a good business with a friend, harmony


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