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Bible dream interpretation

Bible :

It is associated with the right way of life and morality. For Christians, it is the holy book and lodestar. The Bible can warn you against a lack of self-criticism and intolerance.

  • see or read: harmony at home, we have clear conscience
  • see someone reading the Bible: do not give in any temptations
  • buy: relaxation of family conflict
  • drop: parting
  • destroyed: some problems with the system of values
  • get it or find: you need a moral authority, someone who will help you to choose the right path in life
  • give it to someone: a gift from fate; if you make a first move, you will reconcile with someone you have been at variance for a long time

bible dream meaning

The old books that you associate with the Bible in your dreams are related to the household. This may mean that you are living a happy family life, or that you will soon be doing it.

Dream Dictionary : Bible

All conflicts will end. This interpretation comes from a time when the Bible was often the only book in the family, and the family read it together every evening.

It may also mean that you need to keep your faith, religions, myths, and legends aloof so that they do not distort your perception of reality.

It is also a reference to morals, norms and rules that are your guidelines – if the Bible appears in your dream it is a sign that you are living in harmony with them and with your conscience.

When you dream that you are reading the Bible, it is a sign that you are living in the right way and morality is your guide.

But the Bible can also warn against hypocrisy, intolerance, or obeying standards and principles too literally. The Bible also symbolizes knowledge in a dream.

bible dream dictionary

The meaning of BIBLE dream in other cultures and dream dictionares:

Mystical dream interpretation:

  • When you dream that you are seeing or reading the Bible, it is a reminder of God’s trust for you, an announcement of happiness at home and the experience of innocent joy.
  • When you see people singing hymns from the Bible, you are foretelling death in your family.
  • If you are purchasing a Bible, it is a sign that informal conflict will escalate.
  • If you have dropped your Bible, it is separation.
  • When you dream that you despise Bible practice, it portends that you will succumb to temptation through a friend.

Arabic dream interpretation:

  • If you see the Bible in a dream, it portends you to achieve peace.
  • When you dream that you have a Bible, it is a sign that your position is clear and that you love faithfully.
  • If you dream that you are reading the Bible, it is a sign that you can count on hope and satisfaction. It also means a temptation you can resist.
  • When you dream that you are reading a quotation from the Bible, it portends a blessing to your household.

Egipcian dream meaning

Sleep means seeking the comfort of life. The Bible can also refer to a basic belief system.

  • see or read the Bible – a dream symbolizes truth, faith, inspiration and knowledge
  • seeing someone reading – the dream warns not to succumb to the temptation that may lead to ruin in your current life
  • get or find a Bible – you are looking for a spiritual guide – a mentor who will show you the direction in which you should go in life
  • buy a Bible – you are trying to justify your actions or ease a family conflict
  • drop the bible – it bodes parting
  • broken Bible – you are acting in an immoral way, your value system is completely upset
  • mocking the Bible – you will succumb to the immoral offer of one of your “friends”.
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