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Balcony :

balcon_balkonoften in erotic meaning (balcony=breasts); it may also mean a longing for some emotion, for a stable relationship or romantic love
a new balcony with a beautiful view: nice events, good changes
stand on a balcony: you will find a good friend
sit on the balcony: you will have to take an important and difficult decision that requires courage and common sense
lean over the railing of a balcony: start thinking rationally, do not be naive, because someone might try to take advantage of you
see someone falling from the balcony or fall with him: many hopes should be regarded as unrealistic
jump from the balcony: the threat of a disease
ruined, tattered balcony: an uncertain future

For lovers, a dream of a sad separation on the balcony bodes long and perhaps final parting. A balcony also symbolizes the unpleasant news about absent friends. A balcony is a symbol of women’s forehead or chest, in both cases, the symbol predicts solace and victory. Due to the nature expressing the will (a forehead like balcony dominates the surroundings) the symbol promises that the dreamer will rise over the awkward situation and prevail over concern; thanks to the grace or patience (breast) will reach the flowering of eroticism; a partner will be defeated and captured (breasts). In the immature male or immature female, the symbol should be explained as nostalgia for the early childhood, in short, for the mother’s bosom.


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