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Skull :

skull_czaszkaA skull is a symbol which in “Hamlet” by Shakespeare symbolizes nothingness, illusion, death, as well as obsession on the ideological grounds; adherence to the illusory ideologies, derived both from nature, experience, and metaphysics, so from dead ideologies. In a positive meaning, it occurs rarely, and symbolizes the strength of mind, because the skull protects the brain. The circumstances in which the skull appears in a dream will allow to choose the right meaning of this symbol.

see: happy ending of some undertaking

see your own: if you behave inappropriately, do not be surprised by the criticism of other people

see your friend’s skull: be careful, someone from your friends is plotting against you

see a talking skull: unpleasant memories, which you cannot forget

see in your apartment: you will be under the depressing or idle influence of a bad person (which may seem to be brilliant); you may suffer neurosis or you may be influenced by ideologies that do not change the reality

take it to your hand: you will be aware of the fraud; if the skull shatters into fragments, it will be a good sign. This means, that by analyzing (crushing of what was mentioned before) you will manage to free yourself from paralyzing influence of illusion

find during the excavation work: inheritance or other benefits

a skull with bones: be careful of dangers.

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