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Signet ring

Signet ring dream interpretation

Signet ring :

A signet ring in a dream is usually an expression of wealth and recognition, it symbolizes respect and love. A dream can also be a reflection of power and promises made to someone.

Signet ring – dream meaning

signet ring dream dictionary

the view of the signet – it means that you will gain a big advantage over someone

if you lose the ring – a certain relationship will become very problematic for you

receiving it as a gift – it can mean achieving great financial benefits in the future

giving it to someone – some effort won’t pay off

old signet ring – testifies to the fact that people will soon begin to respect and recognize you

if you wear it – some targets will now be within your reach

theft of a signet ring – it may mean that you are looking for happiness and love in the wrong place

golden signet ring – promises numerous financial benefits

a signet ring worn on your thumb – a sign that you will have authority over someone

a signet ring worn on the little finger – means the dreamer’s great ego, which will be brought to the ground over time

engraved signet ring – announces that some important arrangements will be made without your participation.

signet ring dream meaning

The signet symbolizes continuity and eternity due to its form without beginning and end, magic circle, mystery, personal talisman, amulet … .., the bond between higher humanity and God, in the symbolism of matter the bond between authority and the people.

The signet ring in the symbolism of dreams is a magic talisman that protects against wounds and disability and from the evil eye, preserving the youth of the host.

The magic symbolism of the ring contains the magic power of the circle, the magic power of the circle.

According to Arab legend, King Solomon owed his extraordinary wisdom to the signet ring with which he closed and sealed all demons and made them his slaves.

The ring as a closed circle of eternity, continuity, completeness, completeness, symbolizes the cyclically repeating periods of time, the cosmic life cycle of the Universe and every living creature, successive birth and death, eternal, transcendental wisdom that constantly strives for perfection.

What does it mean to dream about signet ring?

true friendship

  • wear: you will gain a friend for your life
  • receive: someone feels affection for you
  • give it to someone: this person is special for you
  • lose: a trouble
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