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Horse dream interpretation

Horse :

Horse_konThe horse is a very meaningful symbol.  It reflects the instincts, impulses, passion, lust, sensuality, awareness of one’s body and sexuality. Moreover, a mare symbolizes femininity, gentleness and sensuality.

a race horse: start saving

riding on a horse: luck, a good sign

a riding habit: if you wear it, it means that you have put a lot of effort to get rid of the trouble, do not be anxious, you have more friends than you have ever imagined

a horse running freely: it symbolizes independence and rush to freedom

see a horse in the yard or on pasture: independence

a horse in the stable: prosperity

a horse in a harness, but without a rider: career

to mount a calm horse and ride on it: auspicious, uninterrupted development of life

get on restless, skittish or prancing: prospects for beautiful and lasting success, but only after overcoming obstacles and overcoming many difficulties    

cannot cope with a skittish horse: you will not reach your goal

want to ride on it, but you cannot: you are unlucky

see passing by: your existence and well-being are at risk

if you ride on a horse and do not fall down: you will come out unscathed from misfortune

jump over the dyke, ditch or other obstacle: you will defeat all adversities      

if you fall down: danger

see someone falling from a horse: a serious problem in life

a skinny horse: a lot of obstacles

hungry for sugar or bread: you have faithful friend or colleague

lead the horse by the bridle: you should think carefully about your project, and then get to the point slowly, carefully but firmly

if you take the horse by the bridle: success after many hardships

if you take the horse by the bridle but it yanks: despite the efforts and caution you will not achieve success

if someone else rides on your horse, or someone else drives a carriage: infidelity in the family

see it in a simple harness, pulling a cart: it portends a life of toil and labor, which in the end will be crowned with success

see it in an expensive harness, pulling an elegant carriage: honours and glory

if a horse suddenly get scared: your existence and family relationships are at risk

if a horse stumbles and falls over the cart: the loss of livelihood and happiness

be on the overturned cart: it means a miserable end

watch a horse trained at circus: you will find a powerful sponsor

neighing of a horse: a bad sign

see a foal: a happy event; caution advisable

If the horse is gray – the importance of mentioned meanings doubles.

Black horses bring less happiness in the positive meaning, and bad luck – in the negative.

biting: you will experience joy

a jade: losses;

tame and harness a horse: you will learn something new

dead: it means hard work

winged: it symbolizes a journey, a trip to your subconscious, as well as detachment from bodily needs that so far limited you

white: it symbolizes wealth, you will be blessed with respect

black: death, famine, the danger of war

galloping: it may symbolize obstacles at home, work, business

attacking: unfounded worries, fear of something

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