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Head :

head_glowaThe head is a symbol opposite to the back, it expresses identity, personality. Other meanings: a peak, and thus the victory. This symbol urges to rethink the possible problems before taking actions.

the most often in relation to pain or fever: beware of illness

cut someone’s head: material benefits

have two heads: fast career and success

see it without the body: happiness and no poverty

if it is reversed: thoughtlessness

unnaturally large: happiness

aching: you will free yourself from problems

beautiful: you are given a lot of love by someone, but sometimes you do not feel it

bald: watch out for your pranks

wash it: a good job

adog or a donkey’s head: attentiveness, servility

a bird’s head: it embodies a longing for the undiscovered world

wild animals: defeated enemies

see the beautiful hairstyle: in anger you will say something you will regret

put your head on the neck: you suffer delusions

see the wounded, injured, broken, cut, or be deprived of your own head: a disaster

The dream that you had lost the head as a result of a court judgment, whether the result of homicide or fight, or in any other way, bodes ill to the person having parents or children, because the head symbolizes the things and people that are the most important for us. For bankers, traders, and for those who collect money, this dream heralds the loss of capital. If you dream that your head is reversed back to front, it predicts that you will regret leaving you home country and should not go abroad. It is good, if you dream that you have a head of a lion, wolf, leopard, elephant. The dreamer will start dealing with very difficult tasks, he will be working like a horse. Thanks that, he will gain success and become dangerous for opponents. However, if you have a dog’s, horse’s or donkey’s head in the dream, it predicts poverty. If there appears a bird’s head, you will leave your homeland. Birds do not spend their lives with parents, they fly away.


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