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Callus dream interpretation

Callus :

Callus are irritating thickenings of the skin, they can originate anywhere on the feet or the palms of the hands.

Dream interpreters say that dreaming of corns or calluses means that you are stuck in the past or in your memories, you have to take a positive step, look to your future, you have to overcome some sequels from the past, time is crucial for eliminate those little wounds that after a long time are still there, you have the power to eliminate anything that doesn’t let you pass easily, with the guarantee that you would like to.

callus dream dictionary

Of course, it is also important to know the context of the dream. It does not have the same meaning to dream of being paralyzed because you have a huge callus that does not allow you to move forward (you are anchored in the present, without expectations) as to dream of a heel that has calluses (You should not try to be the center of attention). For this reason, you should keep reading about other interpretations of corns dreams as per your situation.

Another common dreams related to corns and calluses that you should know interpretations.

Dreaming of calloused hands: Suffering, you have not had an easy life and have struggled to achieve your goals. When you are enjoying your accomplishments you will realize that all the effort was worth it. Your sacrifice, perseverance, willpower can have certain consequences. In other contexts, corns or calluses indicate that you must find a compromise; or being overly generous or selfish. Read more to dream hands.

To dream of calluses on the toes. In a way you can consider that you have come a long way in your life, little you age. You have passed or defeated certain conflicts or experiences that have left their mark on your subconscious. On the other hand, you can dream of corns or calluses on your feet if you think you have trouble getting your illusions.

callus dream meaning

To dream of corns, keeping in mind the common idioms, can mean that you have had a corn, that is, that you have gotten used to something. Or maybe you’ve stepped on someone’s toes, and that’s what you’ve caused annoyances, annoyances or various obstacles.

  • see: corns
  • have corns on feet: someone unkind will bring problems
  • have calluses on hands: your behaviour is not proper and will shock people
  • remove corns/calluses: unexpected cash inflow.
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