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Body :

body_cialoA dream expressing pure sexuality. It expresses unfulfilled dreams.

have fine-looking and beautiful: material satisfaction and good health

have growing or lengthening body: for men, this sign means improvement of situation; for young girls: a mysterious love story; for young women: pregnancy; for the elderly: the financial support

have shrinking body: it portends smaller material prosperity for you, the weakening health or even disease

not supple body: heavy losses, or terminal illness

see a dirty body: pricks of conscience, feel of guilt, you will suffer or fall ill

a sick body: infidelity, which may be the cause of the breakdown of the relationship

see wounded body or get wounded: the need to sacrifice; mental retardation, troubles

difficulties with movement: you must remember about obstacles and difficulties in some case

weightless, floating body: the harbinger of the unfavorable situation or relationship, which will be difficult to solve

expose the body: you are going to face dishonour

if someone will expose us: a warning against being possessed by someone

see as someone is being stripped: in the erotic dream – the fulfillment of loving dream; in another dream: making some discovery

take the clothes off someone: in a erotic dream, it is a sign of a secret love affair; in other circumstances: a disgraceful deed will be exposed or you will unmask a false friend


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