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Wall dream interpretation

Wall :

It is a symbol of an obstacle or protection, depending on the situation from the dream.

  • see the wall in front of you: difficulties and obstacles on your way to the goal
  • stand in front of the very high wall: poor prospects for the realization of your plan
  • go through it: overcoming the obstacles
  • jump above: your effort will pay off, happy moments will come
  • stand on it: the destination will be reached
  • jump from it: a risky venture
  • fall down: something will go wrong
  • break it: you have enough restrictions, you want freedom and liberty
  • make a hole in it: you will be disappointed with your loved ones
  • build the wall: you have to accept yourself, just as you are
  • see the ruins of the wall: one of your loved ones is in danger
  • be surrounded by a wall: you feel isolated
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