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Academy dream interpretation

Academy :

academy_akademiaIt can symbolize the “ivory towers”, which imprison some people.  It calls us for better recognition of the realities and for better usage of opportunities given by life.

A dream about the academy means that you are thinking about self-improvement and  improving your qualifications.

see: intellectual progress

attend to academy: happy future

be chosen to academy: the great honor, but also monotonous, unrealistic life

pass an entrance exam to academy: change your attitude and you will find the solution to your problems

be at the academy: inner development, responsibility for your own decisions

visit the academy: you are too vain and careless, you are aware of that and you want to change for better

get bad marks at the academy: try to maintain detachment from a problem and you will notice that it is not as serious and difficult to solve as it seems to be

get good marks at the academy: promotion prospects; you will develop spiritually and look at your life differently.


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