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Death :

Often what we see in dreams when we are awake has the opposite meaning. It is no different in the case of such a controversial and emotional symbol as death.

Dream meaning : death

dream dictionary death

When it appears in our dreams, it is often associated with a nightmare from which we would like to wake up quickly. Meanwhile, the symbolism of this archetype in many cultures and beliefs of the world tells us not only about death as the end of life, but also as new beginnings.

In the dream book, death very rarely means true dying. More often it relates to the processes of transformation, transformation and rebirth. It is similar in the deck of Tarot cards, where the Death card, additionally bearing the sinister number XIII, frightens many people unfamiliar with its meaning. And just like in Tarot, death in dreams must be interpreted in relation to the rest of the dream. Without careful examination, it will only mean the end. But the end of what? And what will come after this end?

Mom’s death, mother’s death

In Jung’s understanding, the mother archetype signifies the beginning and the end of everything. It personifies the entire life cycle. From conception to death and rebirth. Therefore, her death in the dream book seems to have a double meaning.

You probably have a period of grief and mourning after receiving news of the actual death of someone you love. you probably know who we’re talking about by now. This person is struggling with a disease or his earthly life is coming to an end because of old age. However, if you are a young person and there is no such person in your immediate family, the meaning of dream may be completely different.

Life changes related to growing up and entering adult life await you. It’s time to say goodbye to your carefree childhood and proudly embark on a new life path. New worries and trials await you that you will have to overcome. Remember, however, that you are not alone on this path.

Father’s death, father’s death

The father archetype is, of course, as old as the mother archetype. It represents the male element, strength, rationality. But also authoritarian power. Who do you associate the figure of the father with? With the warmth of a home hearth or with the rules imposed on you? In the dream book, his death has quite a perverse meaning.

The sight of a dying or dead father bodes well for your father and a long life. It is also a sign that a period of unexpected happiness and joy is approaching in your life. You will be able to overcome any small difficulties and obstacles on your way. You just need to remember to manage your time well and effectively fight life stressors.

death dream meaning

Death of a child

With age and the passage of subsequent years of our lives, we get used to the thought that our parents will someday pass away. However, none of us is ever prepared for the death of our own child. Such a vision is terrifying, even when the child is not ours.

Suffering and dying children can melt the hearts of the toughest men. This is because all life should still be ahead of them. We associate them with the beginning, innocence and joy. It is therefore difficult to see how these qualities and qualities are suddenly and cruelly interrupted by death.

So what does the dream book tell us about the death of a child or a dying child? The meaning of a dream in which such a vision arises does indeed portend problems to come. Your plans for the future will suddenly be interrupted. You will lose your joy in life and your inner peace for a while. Remember, however, that your loved ones will be with you in the most difficult times. Don’t kill your inner child and trust those who want to help you.

Death of a loved one

To properly interpret the meaning of a dream in which a loved one dies, you first need to think about who they are. Very often we wake up with the thought that the person from our dream was very close to us, but we do not know him while awake. The feeling of closeness appeared only in a dream and we were sure that we knew this person well, that we were intimate with him and that it is difficult for us to come to terms with his death.

The dream interpretation suggests that such dreams may in fact mean your longing for a close relationship and intimacy. Even the fear of approaching someone else for fear of losing that person. Try to open up to others and stop living in fear.

Death of a brother

Usually, we associate brother with what is good. A period of innocence and carefree childhood. With friendship, adventures, mutual support and getting to know the world together. However, not for all of us, the brother archetype is positive. We already see a reference to fratricidal struggle in the Bible.

So in order to understand the meaning of the dream in which our brother dies, we first need to think about what exactly his character represents in our subconscious. In the dream book, the death of a brother may herald the loss of the closest friend or confidence in him. It is a omen that your interpersonal situation will worsen. But, deep down, don’t you feel that this change is good for you? Remember that each end means a new beginning.

Death of my sister

The sister archetype has ambiguous symbolism. On the one hand, it refers to family ties, and on the other, to rivalry, jealousy and constant quarrels. The meaning of dreaming about a sister often refers to the duality of female nature, her advantages, such as, for example, the ability to sacrifice and protectiveness, but also flaws.

So what could the death of your sister mean in the dream book? Such a dream is often a foretelling of impending problems, sadness and regret for something that happened in the past. The sight of my sister dying also heralds great changes and transformations that are to take place in life. A certain period or phase will end and something completely new will begin. Be careful with your finances during this time, which can be significantly depleted.

death in dreams

Death of a husband, wife

For many people, the marriage relationship is a sacred relationship. The union of not only two bodies, but also two souls. The one who introduces into our lives a sense of security, selfless love, mutual respect and limitless trust.

So what is the meaning of the dream in which you see the death of your husband or wife? Such a dream is a prediction of impending disappointment and a sense of regret towards someone close to you. Someone will fail the hopes placed in him. Will it be your husband or wife? Not necessarily. However, the dream book recommends caution in relations with loved ones. Your marriage may face some crisis in the near future.

Death of grandma, grandpa

The archetypal grandmother or grandfather links in our minds the past and childhood with the symbolism of future death and passing away. Thinking about grandmother, grandfather, we remember carefree times, but we also begin to comprehend the whole cycle of life, which always ends with death. Grandparents are also a symbol of wisdom, care and a feminine element emanating warmth and kindness.

So what is the meaning of the dream in which our grandmother, grandfather, dies? Well, the dream interpretation sees this dream as a positive omen. Your psychophysical condition will improve in the near future. The ailments you are currently struggling with will cease to bother you and you will feel that your body is filled with new, rejuvenated energy. This is a great time to gain new experiences and meet new people. Follow the feminine element of your soul and trust your intuition, and everything will be fine.

Death of a friend

What does the death of a friend in a dream mean? If it was not our friend or another person with whom we have very strong emotional ties, the dream interpretation interprets such a dream as an encouragement to enjoy life. It reminds us that our time on earth is limited and that we should draw handfuls of it.

Don’t waste your time whining and making excuses, just start acting here and now. All your dreams are possible and you have all the aces up your sleeve to help you make those dreams come true. However, remember not to leave your loved ones behind, such a dream can also tell you that your relationship with them will worsen.

Death of someone else’s child

When we see the death of someone else’s child in a dream, such a dream can cause us extremely mixed feelings. On the one hand, there is relief that it was not about our child. On the other hand, the question of what our subconscious really wanted to tell us.

The death of a child is not something we want to look at, after all. Dream interpretation suggests to focus on even the smallest details of dream. For example, the sex of this child will be important. If we accept that the child’s archetype symbolizes the extension of ourselves and all that we have managed to create in life so far, his death becomes just as symbolic and the meaning of the dream clearer.

The boy’s death may mean the end of the plans that we have been trying to implement so far. The death of the girl will mean the end of feelings, the burnout of emotions or the loss of creative power.

death dream

Own death

We are all afraid of our own death. Therefore, the meaning of the dream in which we ourselves go away may simply be a reflection of our inner fears and fears. Such dreams often haunt people who are struggling with serious diseases or are just waiting for diagnosis.

However, own death can also be a symbol of deeper, even spiritual experiences. A metaphor for the internal search for the true, metaphysical sense of our existence. This is a sign that the dreamer is experiencing some kind of rebirth, wakes up to the spiritual and sees completely new, unexplored areas in his life.

In cultures that believe in reincarnation, such a dream is a harbinger of a long, happy and, above all, conscious life. Thus, dying in a dream is also an incentive to change your life for the better.

Death of a friend

We associate friendship with selfless support, loyalty and a sense of security. In dreams, friends represent these qualities, or they refer to our feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and a lack of trustworthy people in our lives. The dreamer does not interpret the death of a friend in a dream literally. It is rather an omen of impending conflicts or a symbol of neglected relationships and an invitation to correct them.

Perhaps you feel betrayed by a loved one or you yourself rejected someone who wanted to be your friend. It’s time to mend your relationship and forgive each other for what happened.

Death of a partner

Who is your dream partner? Is this the person you share your life with, or maybe a business partner? In the first case, the sight of a loved one dying can evoke very strong emotions in you. However, don’t take this dream too literally.

The dream interpretation suggests that the death of a person close to you may symbolize the approaching period of failures in various spheres of your life, and not necessarily a real passing away. Big changes are ahead of you and you will have to face them bravely.

Can the meaning of this dream also apply to the end of your relationship? Of course. But think about whether it is something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Maybe both of you are aware that the breakup will be a new beginning and a chance for each of you?

Death of an ex-boyfriend

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend’s death may indicate an inner need to detach yourself from the negative emotions that come with your breakup. The dream interpretation suggests that your subconscious mind asks you to break the ties that still connect you with your ex-partner.

It is also possible that you are still worried about him, and your breakup was so turbulent that it affected his mental state. The dream book, however, encourages you to take care of your own life and well-being. Now your health and emotions are the most important.

The meaning of dream can also apply to the metaphysical death of certain traits that you associate with that person. Maybe you associate the former partner with a male, authoritarian force? Maybe he was too dominant in your relationship? Time to look for someone to be his opposite.

Death of an ex-girlfriend

The meaning of the dream of the death of an ex-girlfriend may coincide with that of an ex-boyfriend. Also in this case, the dream book encourages you to settle accounts with your past and forget about what will never come back.

The death of an ex-girlfriend can be a subconscious call to end a toxic relationship once and for all. It can also mean a symbolic killing of those features that we associate with our ex-partner. Or maybe the ex-girlfriend of the current partner actually appears in the dream? In that case, ask yourself what emotions do you feel for this person, and whether jealousy over them is blocking the joy of your new relationship.

The meaning of the DEATH dream in other cultures and dream books:

Arabic dream interpretation

When you see your death in a dream, it will be very hard for you to leave someone else.

If in a dream you see someone else’s death, you will receive support in difficult times.

When someone who is sick dies in a dream, you will be able to overcome the disease.

If in a dream you see the death of a friend, the dream announces that your relationship with this person will worsen.

When in a dream you see death at the stake, in flames, you have remorse, something is tormenting your soul.

Myristical dream book

This dream heralds the end of a chapter in life or the end of old quarrels.

If you dream that you are hearing about someone’s death, it tells you the news of birth.

When you see death as a skeleton with a scythe, it bodes you freeing yourself from the burden.

If you see death in a dream, the dream book will tell you that you will live long.

When you see the death of a stranger, it may be a sign of separation or that you will overcome difficult life situations.

When you dream that you have been buried alive, it bodes poverty for you.

When you see dead people, it foreshadows you events that you will enjoy.

The death of your friends or family members promises you to receive news from the life of your friends or family members.

If in a dream you touch and kiss a dead person, this portends that you will receive sad news.

If you are opening the grave, it means that you still have hope for a loss and want to get something back.

When you dream that you must or want to die, it portends you the difficult last period of your life.

Indian dream interpretation

If you dream that you have died, it may cause you a loss of faith, but also a long life.

When you dream that you have been buried, in the dream book it indicates your final fall and your inability to get up.

If you dream of a solemn funeral, this is a sign that you have hopes for prosperity.

When you dream that you are digging up your own grave, it will bring you back.

If you dream that you are dying, it portends difficulties for you.

When you dream that you are giving a deceased person food and drink, it portends that you will get sick and lose your money.

If you give the deceased person new clothes, you will be seriously ill and will lose at least some of your property.

If you dream that you are talking to the deceased, kissing or touching him, it is a sign that you will live for a long time, but will be tormented by diseases often.

When in a dream you look at a dead person who is suffering, it is a sign that you know that you will have to answer for your crimes.

If you see your own death in a dream, it will bring you pleasure and a good life.

The dream interpretation explains that if you died in a dream and came back to life, you will enjoy the respect of the environment, you will feel appreciated and fulfilled in your life.

What does it mean to dream about death

  • if you died: a long and happy life
  • if the patient is dreaming about his death: recovery
  • see your own death: you have your last chance to change your life for the better, then it will be too late
  • see someone’s death: you deserve a long rest, once think only about yourself
  • the dream about a living person who is dying: it  portends worsening of relationship with this person
  • die on the stack: you are burning – you have a guilty conscience, someone else is burning – you want to clear yourself of charges
  • be afraid of the death: you are afraid of changes, which can become your opportunity

For the bachelor, this dream  promises that he will get married, because the marriage and the death are considered to be major goals of human life. That is why, in many dreams they point to each other.

If a married man is dreaming about the death, it predicts the parting with his wife. Moreover, such dream separate friends, partners, brothers, because the dead people do not associate with the alive ones. For the competitors, such dream spells a victory in an important competition, because both the dead and the winners are considered for those who have reached their goals

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