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Earrings dream interpretation

Earrings :

Earrings_kolczykisee: an acquaintance with a woman

buy, wear: in a man’s dream it means a warning against reckless love adventure, for women – a warning before a mistake among friends

receive a gift: the success in social life

see earrings made of base metal: no distinctive personality, your personality is only an emanation of plastic or soulless environment

gold earrings: nobility, superlative personality

silver earrings: instability, the variable nature

lose earrings: it depends on the type of metal and precious stones, of which the earrings were made; a break-up of some acquaintance or failure of plans, it will work to your advantage.

find earrings: benefits, profit

left earring: it symbolizes the inner life, his soul and way of life

right earring: it symbolizes the external environment, the particular relation

broken earrings: rumors about you

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