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Christian dream interpretation

Christian :

When you see a Christian in a dream, expect positive news and prosperity.

When a praying Christian appears in your dream, he tells you that your faith will be strengthened, and to non-believers, he foretells a future full of spiritual dilemmas.

Christian dream meaning

If you not only see Christians in your dreams, but you can hear them, you will be joyful and blessed.

The dream of Christians praising God foretells us that we will receive all kinds of blessings and great happiness throughout our lives.

christina dream dictionary

A dream in which you feel or become a Christian, points you back to your forgotten roots, shows you that the basic ethical commandment of Christians, apart from the commandments of the Decalogue, is the commandment to love God and your neighbor, including, and perhaps above all, your enemies, which it is a kind of test of faith.

Most importantly, love for one’s neighbor is not to accept ignorance or wrong conduct, but not to arouse negative feelings and emotions towards those who do wrong or hurt, not to seek revenge or revenge, but to leave every person the right to choose his own path, freedom, love, higher consciousness, which everyone should respect, just as the Supreme Being does for each of us.

According to the spiritual message, it does not mean by any means supporting another person in doing evil. If, however, he is willing to do good, he is a brother to whom a Christian should provide essential help as possible, without neglecting his own salvation.

christina dream meaning

This good is to be multiplied by every Christian in his daily life, in every place, at every time, setting an example of an honest life, telling the truth, responding to evil with kind resolve, overcoming his own fear and weakness, perfecting himself in goodness and kindness, boldly separating himself from all bad behavior, even if it would cost him a lot, even if it meant he would lose his life … ..

praying: deeper faith

see and hear them: joy and blessing

praising: blessing and happiness through the whole life

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