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Child :

child_dzieckoIt expresses finding a way out of conflict; you want to start a new life, have new goals in life, including internal ones. The child, like youth, may symbolize an opportunity and the possibility of further development. This symbol often reveals conflicts usually caused by immaturity. In addition, the dream about a child may also be an allusion to your own children, or may express a desire to have them.

see: generally, a positive sign

give birth to: new possibilities in your existence

see them at birth: for a man, it means parting with a woman; for the poor – improving their fate; for the wealthy people – it is a bad harbinger; for travelers – it promises to return to their homeland

baby: happiness for mothers

dead: troubles and worries

hold the baby during the christening: entering the path of Christian principles

watch while sleeping: a good future

feed the baby: disappointment

playing: joy

learning: happiness

sick or falling, screaming or quarreling: the recession on business

a thin child: it announces the arrival of hard times

fatty: you can expect good days

dying: a surprising success

among many children at play: good luck in love and success in all endeavors

murder: you will make a lot of bad to yourself

drowning: the fear of being forgotten, acting against one’s convictions, before losing your true self

be given a dressing-down by children: people will speak well about you

disabled: an unexpected help

be a child: think something several times before making a decision; do not follow only instinct, but also depend on your experience

be an ill-used child: you feel hurt, look for support from loved ones

see the child with his mother: take care of your health.

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