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Apron dream interpretation

Apron :

apron_fartuchUnpleasant consequences of someone’s stupid behaviour must be shrouded in mystery.

wear an apron: do not work too hard, you may become a workaholic

wear a dirty apron: you should think about changing your job because you stopped to develop at this point

patch an apron: you will get important news

see a man’s dirty overall: in a men dream – a lot of work; in a women dream – a lot of trouble caused by the man

see a kitchen apron: in a man’s dream – distress at home; in a woman’s dream – lots of activities

a decorative woman apron: a dreaming man is a ladies’ man and he will be caught red-handed; a dreaming woman can expect a gift or a nice visit

a school uniform: you will learn a lesson of your life

wash an apron: sometimes you are too perfect and petty, which does not allow you to enjoy the life

put an apron on someone: someone secretly fancies you


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