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 Apparition :

Intuition you should trust. It can also mean fears and remorse, which, despite time, still affect our lives. Sometimes a dream warns you against misfortune awaiting you and your loved ones.

Dream meaning Apparition

apparition dream dictionary

When you get scared by a apparition in a dream, it suggests that something is bothering you, a troubled conscience, or an unresolved problem. Sleep indicates that your inner peace has been disturbed in some way.

When you talk to a apparition in a dream, you will finally get along with yourself.

If you see a ghost standing in a road or path, you must exercise extreme caution in entering into new ventures. Plan carefully and avoid rash actions.

When the apparition appears in your home, it is a sign of family problems. Sleep also indicates unrealistic ideas about life.

If the ghost has a ghostly face, it means the dreamer’s unstable character, a sense of danger and a desire to improve in some area.

apparition dream meaning

When an apparition has the face of someone who has died, it suggests that for some reason you cannot forget about a certain deceased who comes back to you in dreams. If you had a good relationship with him, a dream can be read as the care of that person, when you had a bad relationship with him, a dream indicates a burden on your conscience, not forgiving the wrongs.

When a ghost is a living person, it indicates that person’s problems. Sen encourages people to be interested in her health and hidden problems.

If the apparition laughs, it bodes problems and misfortunes.

When a phantom tries to hurt you, beware of dangers.


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