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Lamp dream interpretation

Lamp :

Lamp_lampaAmbiguities and internal dilemmas demand solutions and identification of your spiritual condition.

turn it on: you will make someone happy or show support

see someone turning on the lamp: you will learn from others something good       

a bright light: a beautiful experience, happiness, pleasure

a blinking lamp, with dim glow: something beautiful cannot develop because it continuously encounters obstacles

smoking: adversities     

turn off: you will consciously destroy something, or disturb someone’s peace and happiness

see as someone turns it off: you will experience losses

break a lamp: you will harm yourself or expose yourself to danger because of insufficient care

broken by someone: a warning against a plan, which can bring you losses or expose you to danger

oil: happiness at home or in feelings     

a smoky oil lamp with a shade: money problem

oil lamp suddenly goes dark: disaster   

a hanging lamp – see: Pendent uplight (hanging lamp)

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