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Fly (an insect) Dream Dictionary

Fly (an insect)

Fly (an insect) dream interpretation

Fly (an insect) :

This dream can often refer to the nervous system;  it can also express unpleasant moods.

  • see: someone will offend you and muddle your peace
  • an irritating fly: a sudden sensation that may even end up with a marriage
  • see a lot of flies: hostile people are around you
  • a walking fly: you are punctilious and malignant
  • a fluttering fly: you’re fed up with the situation at home, you should act radically
  • if it gets to our mouth: you’ll have to deal with insolent man
  • catch a fly: you have to change your way
  • see the flies on the flypaper: a harbinger of many successes, achieved without much effort
  • kill: you will avoid the opponent
  • be attacked by flies: sadness
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