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Fly dream interpretation

Fly :

Fly_latacby plane: you will not realize your sublime plan, and in addition, it will bring harm

have wings: worries

fly without wings: the joy and happiness

a crash while flying: you will be entangled in a nasty story

see someone flying: jealousy

fly a hot air balloon: a dream come true

A dream that you fly high above the ground bodes well. Someone rises from the earth, is higher than those walking on the ground. A dream that you are flying with wings is auspicious for everyone. To the rich – it promises a lot of money. What the wings are for the bird, the money is for the man.  For the rich and the powerful people, it spells even bigger power. The flying creatures are above the crawling ones, the same the rulers are above ordinary people.   A dream that you are flying high above the earth without wings, is dangerous, it promises danger and fear. The dream about flying above the roofs of the houses and streets, means that the soul’s unrest and troubles are close. The dream about flying with the birds predicts associating with people of other nationalities and strangers. A dream that you are flying not high and you are able to see what is on the ground predicts a journey and a trip across the unknown land, and the landscape points the right way. So, the cultivated fields, towns, villages, beautiful rivers and lakes, calm sea, ships sailing close to the wind – all these bode a wonderful journey.  In contrast, canyons, forests, rocks, raging rivers, mountains, cliffs, chasms predict bad events. A dream that you are lying on your back, while flying is good only for people choosing to travel by sea. For others, it promises the lack of their job, because those who are inactive – laze around. Moreover, if the dreamer is sick, he/she will die soon.   The worst is a dream, when you want to fly, but you cannot, it means a great misfortune.


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