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Excrement dream interpretation

Excrement :

Human excrement, human shit, or urine in your sleep may indicate your immature personality, but also perversion. Such dreams are unpleasant, and we often wonder what they mean? A dream book comes to the rescue.

Poop may suggest that you are acting childish and indulging in such pleasures.

In dreams, we also often see animal feces, cat droppings, dog droppings or horse droppings. See what the dream book says about them.

excrement dream dictionary

Dream interpretation excrement

A dream poop can also signal a feeling on an unconscious level that everything related to bodily functions is dirty and self-centered.

Human excrements, human shit, feces, how does the dream interpretation interpret them? Well, they can mean used aspects of your life that you should put in order and benefit from these experiences, but at the same time leave them behind.

Dream meaning: excrement

Cat droppings, cat poop, are predictive of profit or momentary pleasure. The dream interpretation reveals that you may get some extra money, but you will lose it quickly. It is also a signal that routine is creeping into your life.

Playing with feces, feces can mean money and valuables, imminent financial trouble or fear of responsibility.

Animal excrements, the dream book states that you yourself give up responsibility for the impulses that govern you.

Bird droppings, pigeon droppings, if a dream is dreamed by a young person, it means immaturity and recklessness. For the rest, bird droppings portend unpleasant surprises and small profits.

When bird droppings are on the car, luck and money. It is possible that you will save on car expenses.

Rat droppings, rat poop, can portend a trick or a waste of money.

excrement dream meaning

Mouse droppings, mouse poop, indicate a gray everyday life. You may find something, but it won’t be of value.

Elephant droppings, elephant poop, signify success in ventures and business.

Horse droppings, horse poop, dream interpretation interpret them as unexpected emotional or family problems.

Cow excrement, cow poop, great happiness and joy if you step in it. The dream foretells a favorable future and financial stability. You will not miss anything in your life.

Chicken or duck droppings, chicken or duck poop, minor problems you will overcome. A small financial injection.

A child’s droppings, a child’s poop, what about this dream interpretation? Now is a good time to implement your plans and bold goals. Sleep offers many possibilities, but it also portends unforeseen expenses.

Feces with worms, pinworms a harbinger of impending health problems. Suggestion that the dreamer should take care of his physical condition and eat healthy.

Feces with blood, poop with blood, testify to some great toil and effort while awake.

Rabbit droppings, rabbit poop, predict problems with your children or foreshadow the arrival of a new offspring in your environment.

If you dream that you are having a bowel movement, it is a sign that you want to live without worries and responsibilities and not have to restrain yourself. Defecation can also symbolize the sexual act.

If you dream that you cannot have a bowel movement, it means that you cannot cut yourself off from the past or past habits, so you are blocked in a way.

When you dream that you are dirty with feces, it indicates your loathing towards a part of your own personality that you cannot understand and accept.

Several Buy: You have the chance to make a big fortune.

Buying at the Neighborhood: Your fate will change.

Dog poop, dog droppings, something will bring you happiness. You will be able to count on someone’s help.

Get into a pile, the dream book portends good fortune. Events that will add color to your life await you.

When you eat excrement in a dream, it portends disease, stinginess or self-loathing.

If you dream that you can see feces and urine, it is a sign that you are emotionally immature for sex. However, this may also mean that you may be able to achieve new success through old experiences from the past.

excrement dream

A dream about excrement

One of the more unpleasant dreams that arise quite often is a dream about feces. We should not underestimate it, as it carries with it quite important meaning, although it is worth approaching its interpretation wisely.

Today we suggest how to go about analyzing the dream about feces, excretion, feces and other not-so-pleasant aspects, which, however, are somehow incorporated in our daily existence.

How to interpret a dream about excrement?

Feces appearing in our dreams are considered a symbol of anal, greed and avarice.

Interestingly, from the earliest times, it was believed that feces and money appearing in dreams can be interpreted interchangeably – and it is said to this day.

Thus, constipation, faecal retention, etc. appearing in dreams symbolize the refusal to spend money while awake.

In turn, playing with feces, collecting it, etc. may mean that we dream about wealth, about being light about material matters, and not taking every penny into account every day.

They can also be a manifestation of our dream of ruling over others, controlling them, achieving success and dominating the environment

Fecal dream versus psychoanalysis and psychotherapists
According to Freud’s theories, defecation in a dream means … castration.

If such dreams appear in children, it is possible that they experienced a great loss, e.g. they were brought up in excessive purity, which in their later life may become a source of problems for them in intimate contacts with partners, etc.

Contemporary psychotherapists refer to Freud’s statements and agree with them, however, there are small modifications – in their opinion, too strict upbringing in childhood may cause the loss of love, which may be symbolized by defecation.

At the same time, it should be noted that defecating in a dream has nothing to do with defecating in real life.

As already mentioned, it is more about money or character – the excretion of feces can therefore be a symbol of generosity, a sense of order or a certificate of the desire to have these qualities, while constipation means greed, a desire to rule, and the fear of losing our cash.

Faeces is a sign of immaturity, sexual perversions.

  • several poops: you have a chance to gain great wealth
  • a poop at the neighbour’s: your fate will change
  • a dog pooh: something will be lucky for you
  • step in a pooh: propitiousness

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