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Enema dream interpretation

Enema :

An enema is interpreted as an impulse for mental and spiritual cleansing. It can also indicate compulsion, guilt, and habits that you need to cut off rather than consciously submit to them.

Dream meaning enema

When in a dream you see someone giving an enema, you want to get rid of your inner fears and fears.

If you are having an enema in your sleep, you feel ashamed of your behavior.

enema dream dictionary

Why does someone dream of such an unpleasant procedure as an enema?

This means that your subconscious is literally screaming in a dream – you need to get rid of the superfluous, bad and unnecessary voluntarily, otherwise others will do it for you. The dream book will consider various options for the image of the colon and give them an accurate decoding.

Dreamed that you were prescribed a cleansing enema? This means that the time has come when you have to get rid of memories, old connections or obsessive fears.

Also, Miller’s dream book advises to pay attention to the state of the intestines. There is a possibility that a latent disease manifests itself in such an unusual way.

Did you see that you stayed in the bathroom suffering until you gave yourself an enema? The dream book is convinced that in the near future you will certainly become a boss.

What does it mean if you clearly realize that only radical cleansing will help from a certain disease in a dream? This plot means that your beginnings will bring results only if you dare to take decisive and sometimes harsh action.

If you see this story Very often, then it hints at their excessive distrust and tireless but completely unnecessary medical care.

Why do you dream that you are forced to do an enema in a dream? The dream interpretation suspects that you will accidentally find yourself in very unpleasant company.

Did you have a dream that another person had to clean her intestines? Unfortunately, you will waste time and effort trying to help someone.

enema dream meaning

If in a dream a strange prescribed doctor is doing an enema to treat an unsuitable disease, this means that he is trying to improve his life with a very unsuitable method for this.

Did you have to clean the intestines of a dog or a cat with an enema? In reality, he will fight with a friend or acquaintance whose image is associated with these animals.

Why else does an enema look in a dream? If you went through this procedure voluntarily in a dream, this means that you will be able to quickly cope with the difficulties that have arisen with a little effort.

If you had a dream about how you gave yourself an enema? The dream book believes that for some time you will be without money and will look for opportunities to earn extra money. However, all attempts and efforts will bring only minor improvements.

Why dream that after the colonic the excrement spilled in a stormy torrent? This means that you will take a non-trivial step that will free you from duties or responsibilities.

Sometimes seeing this plot literally means: shut up, you risk saying too much.

Did you dream that someone forcibly carried out a cleaning event? The dream book predicts serious losses and even ruin, which will be the result of the tricks of ill-wishers.

Did you have a dream that after an enema you cannot find a toilet and you are holding on with all your might? The dream interpretation believes that in reality you are capable of patience.

Seeing how feces leave the body after an enema means that you will get a lot of money or well-deserved luck.

If the cleaning process in a dream took place. in front of others, this means that you will be able to express your talents in the most extraordinary way in the real world.

  • see as someone performs it: you want to get rid of the internal fears ad worries
  • be given an enema: you feel shame due to your conduct
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