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Egg dream interpretation

Egg :

egg_jajkoIt is a germ of life, the first cell, the beginning of everything that will last; effective planning of success.

see or have: harmony at the house

find: it portends a lasting relationship with another person; for the unmarried – engagement or wedding

see a lot of eggs or hold them in hands: a harbinger of a profitable event

see a hen laying an egg: a harbinger of good news

eat: it means the end of worries about your daily bread

beautiful and chocolate eggs: you will meet a seducer or an elegant woman

see colourful eggs: heavy worries

see the red eggs: death, a conflict with a friend or threat of fire

yellow: they bring s disease

see how they fall: you will fall out with someone; gossip

rotten: you will lose good fame

open it and see the chick: it promises big profits, especially the win at the lottery

see a chick hatching out: a happy family event that will improve the situation

smear someone with rotten eggs: the harm that you had made on someone will backfire on you

someone throws eggs at you: distress or persecution

prepare a dish made of eggs: an invitation from an interesting person

spoiled egg dishes: the announcement of a family quarrel

buy eggs: the benefits

cooked eggs: joy

birds’ eggs: eggs in the nest is a symbol of the cash inflow, but if you see chicks on them it is not a good sign

an egg with two yolks: twin pregnancy

an omelette: an infection or bad mood

break an egg by accident: an unsuccessful pregnancy or destruction of the project

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