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Coins dream interpretation

Coins :

They have sexual context, especially for venal women; in other cases, the interpretation is the same as for “money”.

  • see: beware of some danger
  • gold: a warning against any expense, interest or business
  • copper: prosperity
  • silver: you will enrich abroad
  • accept: money or property loss
  • have: a hard life
  • find: you will cope with problems in any situation
  • count: be careful in business
  • give away: you will fall into troubles due to your conduct
  • issue: you will gain the gratitude of someone; some case will bring you benefits
  • foreign coins: you will receive money or the benefits due to the unknown person, or because of the event that will surprise you; it can also be something from abroad, for example: foreign currency; this blessing will be important for your future life
  • produce: you will not have light and easy life
  • collect: a harbinger of unusual activity or experience
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