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Circle, wheel

Circle, wheel dream interpretation

Circle, wheel :

Circle, wheel_koloIt is a symbol of timelessness, infinity; also a sign of the completion of the course of life and human ideas. A circle may also suggests the end of some stage in life.

see: you are facing big changes in life, the faster the circle turns, the faster the changes will occur; if the circle does not move, the changes may be insignificant or negative

see the wheels of the vehicle: prosperity, good financial situation

see the huge wheel: happiness, prosperity

a rotating wheel: you spin around in a circle, there is no way out of the situation

to circle: a confusing matter to such an extent that there will be no  way out

to count circles: a goal that you set out is very difficult to achieve, but not impossible

a broken circle: loss

be inside a circle: someone will mislead you

a bicycle wheel: you will manage to beat the competition

a gear: a new view for the future, be brave and try to realize your plan

a water wheel, rotating: the additional, profitable work

a life ring: internal fear or danger, which should not be ignored

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