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Cauldron Dream Dictionary


Cauldron dream interpretation

Cauldron :

cauldron_kociolsee boiling over on the fire: the great frustration

mend it: you will be well received by the environment

see the kettle for cooking: guests

see the cauldron full of boiling water: your actions will affect the whole life, much will change for the better

cook something in a pot: you are hypocritical, you are not playing fair

look at the boiler with lingerie: necessary cleanup in and around the house

a coppersmith: soon you will change a role in life – you will become fiancĂ©e or fiancĂ©

a boiler repairer: an argument

a boiler: disease and loss

a rusty boiler: your dreams about career will not be fulfilled

see a lot of cauldrons: a thankless job

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