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Cable dream interpretation

Cable :

cable_kabelGenerally, it means a bond, connection between people, or the longing for this feeling. This symbol may also suggests that you will not achieve anything, if you do not take a risk.

see a cable: the good news from relatives who live far away

buy a cable: you want to establish a closer relationship with someone at all costs

get cable: you will meet someone who will bring a lot of mess in your heart – maybe it’s time for a romance?

destroy a cable: some relationships interfere with your normal functioning – this is high time to analyze which of them, and draw appropriate conclusions

repair a cable: you can try to rebuild relations with old friends, but also to start anew the postponed undertaking – it’s a good time for it, do not waste it

connect a cable: you want to strengthen your position in the environment – try to do it, because you have big chances

undo a cable: you subconsciously feel that there is something that makes your life very difficult, you would like to stop it – try, it may help you to regain peace


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