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Bracelet dream interpretation

Bracelet :

Bracelet_bransoletaA strong addiction to something. A flexible bracelet symbolizes arms: emotional dependency. It can mean feminine or masculine eroticism, tenderness of the arm or shoulders, or sensitivity. The bracelet is a symbol of magnetic attraction of hands, cordiality, which fortifies and brings relief.

wear on the left hand: possessiveness

wear on the right hand: embarrassment of free will

wear for yourself: hidden love

remove from the hand: the direction that you followed is not good

receive as a gift: a coming joy, you will be given much care and sensitivity

give someone: improvement of situation

see it in other person: unnecessary expenses

black: long-lasting or incurable illness

see several bracelets: unnecessary expenses

gold: a dependence on somebody without the actual yielding, because it is conditioned by the spiritual or social dignity of a partner

silver: you will become someone else’s “satellite”, the announcement of a turbulent existence

in the shape of a snake: the will of power

find it: huge wealth.


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