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Bog dream interpretation

Bog :

Bog_bagnoa dream expressing fear against violent passions that cannot be controlled, you are in troubles; a bog is a symbol of hopelessness, a dead-end situation
you should postpone a project or began undertaking, if you want to avoid misfortune, worries and failures
see a bog from a distance:
it warns against suspicious business
a walk through a boggy area:
beware of false friends
fall into a bog unable to get out:
a time of creative effort and struggles
sitting in a bog:
think about your life, maybe you should change something, possible that something at work; your decisions have to be bold
sink in a bog:
you must do everything to avoid danger  
get out of a bog:
do not give up, go forward
stuck in a bog:
your plan will not succeed or bring you damages
see people going through a bog:
you will avoid a dangerous situation, everything will end happily.

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