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Bath dream interpretation

Bath :

Bath_kapielIt expresses a psycho – mental refresh, it promises a better situation in the future.  

take a bath in the tub: your mood will improve

see someone bathing: a worry

go out from the bath: the release of bad past

an open swimming pool: energy and courage  

a bath in pure water: good fortune

swimming in dirty water: privation  

swimming in murky water: difficulties

swimming in hot water: you are selfish

bath in lukewarm water: peace of mind  

swimming in the sea or a lake: do not spoil your good humor

bath in a stream: recovery

swimming in the river: you will gain strength, which you need to wrestle with some emergency situation

to soap yourself: pleasures

swimming in the deep water: be careful

take a bath in clothes: good relations at work  

a foot’s bath: you’ll be angry, you will find yourself in an embarrassing situation

In very ancient times, people believed that dreams about bathing are not bad. They did not know the bath house, and they bathed in bath tubs.  

Later, when the bath houses appeared, dreams about bathing, as well as the bath houses themselves (even if they were empty) were understood as bad dreams.  It was believed that they are a promise of troubles and loss, because people isolate there sweat, and finally the inner effort and fear, because the skin and the body surface undergo changes. Until today, many people still follow this old view, and explain these dreams in this way, but they are wrong. In the past people did not bath very often and did not have many bath houses, and if they had, they were miserable and modest. They usually took bath only after hard work and that is why the dream about a bath or a bath house reminded them of a hard day’s toil. Nowadays, a bath is a daily routine and people associate it with relax and rest. This explains why the bath house symbolizes the way to the pleasure. If in your dream you are bathing in a beautiful, bright and fresh bath house, it bodes prosperity and good mood; for the ill – full recovery. However, it is bad to dream, if you are bathing in a strange way. For example, if you are sitting in a tub fully dressed, it may predict illness and great effort. Also it is a bad sign, if the bath house has not got a roof, or there is no water inside. That suggests that your hopes will not be fulfilled. Another form of this dream is that you are bathing in natural hot waters. For the ill – that bodes recovery, and for healthy ones – inactivity. People go to the lake, seaside, river to recover their power, or because they do not have anything to do.

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