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Barrel Dream Dictionary


Barrel dream interpretation

Barrel :

barrel_beczkaIf the basis of this dream are not health problems, it should be translated as sexual dream.

see: awarded effort

bottomless: futile efforts, you are in a blind alley

open it: you will take part in drunkenness

roll it in front of you: you will have a lucrative job

lift heavy barrel: the announcement of a rest after hard work

see a lot of barrels: multiplying possessions, success

sit in a barrel: escape from reality and your own life, do you really think life is so bad? Maybe you surround yourself with people who destroy your happiness. It is possible that if you cut off from certain persons, you will regain the joy of life and start to look at the world with optimism.

many barrels roll into your basement: it predicts a rich and stable future

buy a barrel full of wine: you will be a nice guest

full of alcohol: success

a barrel full of trash: you are chaotic, you do not know how to live your life, you do not know what is your life aim; you should draw some conclusions from your experience

empty: shortages, lack of something

full: wealth

full of holes, damaged: the loss


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